Nana Masilo

UX/UI Design

Nana Masilo (Born as Somlai Anna Sára) is an exceptional multi-talented designer who works in every possible area of design - from commercial social media stuff to a brand identity of a rave party. Nana is known for her unordinary and rather brutalist solutions.

In this project the challange was working with Nana’s own visual identity. As many designers she also changes it frequently, so I had to work with a blank canvas that acts like a shell she can put more life into later on. The solution was a minimalistic approach with a monochrome palette and sans serif type. In whis way she can still add to it, or modify certain parts of the design. But to be more than just a nude website, I wanted to incorporate her unique personality through the playfulness of the layout (see the projects part).

Development scheduled for Q1 2023.


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