Lampérth Vinery

brand identity

Owned by the Lampérth family, this winery crafts some of the finest wines on Mount Somló, Hungary -simple, traditional, familiar & full-bodied wines.I was tasked with creating a brand for this amazing family owned business which I’ve had the pleasure to know for ages. Their goal was to cultivate a visual language which consists of their most important values: simplicity and tradition. The winery plans to strengthen their online presence too, so the project included creating collateral for digital platforms as well.

The work was filled with tiny obsticles as it’s not the easiest task to bring design literacy to rural areas of a country. I overcame this challange by reaching out to old crests as a main motive. In this way I could create a clean yet classical solution which encapsulates old values in a fresh way.

The emblem is a simple letter "L" monogram - while we've made some iterations using the mountain's natural symbols, such as ash trees, we decided that the only thing that resonates with heritage is the family's name itself. And it reaches back to ancient times where crests where common. I aimed to revive old typography with modern cleanness.
Designing the labels was another challenge itself. The family had a limited budget and the target audience is less educated on wine culture - so the Lampérths wished to use only simplest graphical elements and manufacturing methods.


© Daniel Domonkos